"The arguments in HLR are not going to go away; they are there, in print and in cyberspace. They can't be destroyed. When fair-minded people read them, they wonder what the reply is. And if the reply of the other side is limited to razzle-dazzle rhetoric and nasty personal attacks . . . then our arguments will prevail. It's that simple—words, mere words, knock out the other side's tanks." —George McKenna

The Debate Since Roe E-mail


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This is a book for anyone who has sat around the kitchen table (or the dorm room) defending the sanctity of human life while wishing he or she had greater command of the facts and arguments.

Culled from the Human Life Review’s unique 35-year-record of anti-abortion advocacy, The Debate Since Roe features essays by doctors and lawyers, politicians and political scientists, philosophers and clerics, journalists, and, to quote the Review’s late founding editor J.P. McFadden again, those who bring “a layman’s view of the meaning of it all.” A perfect gift for students, pastors, family members and friends.


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 The Debate Since Roe is getting national attention! Read a great review here:

Plus, Editor Anne Conlon was interviewed about this great collection . . . read the National review Online Interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez here:


William Doino of First Things says:

 "Hentoff’s transformation is recounted in The Debate Since Roe: Making the Case Against Abortion 1975-2010, a powerful collection of essays from the Human Life Review, which has received excellent reviews and which other reporters could learn a great deal from."


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