Connie Marshner is a commentator and researcher on life and family issues in the Washington, D.C., area.Connie Marshner bio pic 2016

Go North of Your Own Tension Line

  Woof! Woof! It’s the dog days of summer. Actually, the phrase has something to do with the stars, not with canine friends, but never mind. It’s so hot or so humid you don’t want to move. Unless you happen to have children who have the misfortune to attend a school that...
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Dem vs. GOP Platforms: Which Is the Party of No?

The platforms of the two political parties reveal, albeit unintentionally, which party holds the moral high ground and which is in defensive mode. To begin with, the Republican platform is written in English. The words actually mean what they say. The Democrat platform is written...
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Pro-life ribbon

Recent Pro-Life Progress in the 114th Congress

Last week, Congress made real progress for Life. July 14, was a crazy all-over-the-map legislative day. By the end of it, the Freedom of Conscience Act  had been passed 254-182, and pro-life initiatives had advanced. Two important bills, the Labor-HHS and the State Department...
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Congress to Vote This Week on Protection Against Discrimination

Take Action Now! This week Congress is going to vote on what posterity may someday look back upon as one of the most important votes in the history of our country. It’s called the Conscience Protection Act of 2016 (H.R.4828/S.2927). Here’s why it’s needed urgently. Back in the...
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One of Six Raped While Incapacitated

  The word “rape” is abused almost to the point of meaninglessness. Feminist zealots argue that a pervasive “rape culture” causes the high incidence of rape on college campuses today. In the name of addressing this crisis, federal legislation proposes to seize yet more...
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Counterattacks Intensifying

  Counterattacks against pro-life gains are intensifying. In Washington State, Planned Parenthood and NARAL are scoring candidates for state office according to whether they will promise to regulate (i.e., suffocate) pregnancy resource centers. At this very moment, the...
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Twenty-two Weeks to Go

    Last week was pretty much business as usual for the pro-life movement in Washington . . .  as the country heads into what may be the most important presidential election in our lifetimes. On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a non-decision in the Little Sisters of...
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birth control pills

Not a Pretty Sight: Obama’s (Latest) Gift to Planned Parenthood

  On March 30 Planned Parenthood got a big gift from the Obama Administration. That’s the day the FDA rewrote the label on chemical abortion drugs. Now, the FDA regulations conform to what had long been the common off-label use of the drugs by chemical-abortion providers. If that...
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Cecile Richards

A Mandate for Further Investigation: The House Select Committee on Infant Lives

A Congressional hearing on April 20 gave the House Select Committee on Infant Lives a clear bipartisan mandate for further investigation into Stem Express and other companies engaged in fetal tissue procurement. Prior to the hearing Democrat staff leaked to Stem Express some of...
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This Vacancy Will Keep: Leave Scalia’s Seat Empty

Pro-lifers across the country should make it a priority this week to contact their two U. S. Senators   The media machine of the Left is in high gear now, attacking conservative Senators because they don’t want to waste their time. For how many years did the media lament...
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