Nicholas Frankovich is an editor at National Review.

Jerry Brown: A Helpful Hint of What a Pro-Life Democrat Could Look Like

  Among high-profile Democrats, Governor Jerry Brown of California stands out for his relative benevolence toward the pro-life cause. He has dared to refer to abortion in plain language—“the killing of the unborn”—and has called it “crazy.” He has supported and signed state...
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Use the Term “Pro-Abortion” Only When It Fits, Which Is Not That Often

  “It’s obviously ridiculous to say somebody is ‘pro-abortion,’” Gloria Steinem told the Associated Press in May. “Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I think I’ll have an abortion. It’s a pleasurable experience.’” Abortion-rights advocates have been saying that since...
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Symposium: Whole Life v. Pro-Life?

We asked participants to respond to one or more of three questions: 1) Should people who defend the right to life of the unborn and the dying call themselves “whole-life” or “consistent-life” rather than “pro-life”? 2) Does defending the right to life today require particular...
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New life through snow trust

‘Life More Abundantly’

  Health and wealth rhyme, and not just the words, although those tell a story too. The word health comes from whole, what an organism is when its gears are humming as they ought, everything in its place, each part in sync with the others, none missing or broken or...
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The Democrats Need Pro-Lifers—and Pro-Lifers Need a Two-Party System

  As Democrats fight among themselves about abortion, Republicans and pro-lifers watching from the sidelines say “Good,” though for different reasons. Republicans enjoy seeing their rival party in chaos. So do pro-lifers who are Republicans more loyal to their party than to...
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The Messenger Is the Message

  During the last presidential campaign, friends and acquaintances urged me to cast my vote for the Republican Party platform. I didn’t, because it wasn’t on the ballot. I wasn’t always so clear-eyed. In 1980, being young and both bloodless and woolly in my political...
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Supreme Court

Let’s Say Roe Goes—Hurray! Then What?

  Neil Gorsuch’s probable ascension to the Supreme Court nicely conforms to a script that pro-life advocates hopeful of seeing Roe v. Wade overturned have been writing in their minds for the past year: Elect a Republican president, who soon fills Scalia’s seat with a pro-life...
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